Insurance Lawyers

Our insurance attorneys have been representing policyholders for more than fifteen years. We fight for the insurance coverage our clients not only deserve, but have paid for in monthly or annual premiums. If your insurance company has refused to adjust claims, failed to defend those claims, or otherwise acted in bad faith, we want to hear from you.


Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage cases consists of answering many questions regarding a claim in order to determine if the insured has benefit rights. Both parties can find themselves in contentious disagreements regarding coverage thus requiring the assistance of an experience attorney. 

Coverage issues include:

  • property damage

  • bodily injury

  • personal liability

  • malicious prosecution

  • abuse of process

Insurance Bad Faith

An insurance company owes its insured a number of important duties. A failure to meet such commitments can lead to a claim of bad faith. By acting in bad faith the insurance company is likely to breach a contract or a tort claim.

These duties include:

  • Duty to Investigate-failure to properly investigate the claim or delays. 

  • Duty to Indemnify-pay for settlement agreement or judgment.

  • Duty to Defend-failure to defend the insured in a suit even if most of the suit is not covered in the policy.