Civil Litigation & Trial Lawyers

Litigators and Trial Lawyers are often two separate terms, and an attorney doesn’t necessarily have to be both. Litigators see the overall big picture of a case, thoroughly researches pertinent documents, and takes action against organizations or individuals. In contrast, trial lawyers excel in the courtroom, posses persuasiveness and confidence, and defend clients in criminal cases. At Dessaules Law Group our attorneys are both experienced trail lawyer and litigators. This means we handle the preparation and filing of complaints, conduct extensive research in preparation for the trial, and represent you in the courtroom. When necessary, we also handle appeals.

While it is always our hope, and expectation, that cases be settled outside of court, it is our policy to be prepared regardless. While other law firms may count on a cases settling, and may not complete the necessary work for a possible trial, we are always ready. Trials take lengthy research and effort in order to properly prepare, and some trials can last months, or even years to reach a settlement or verdict. For this reason, you can be assured that our attorneys here at the Dessaules Law Group will never leave a case unprepared.  

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