Civil Litigation and Appeals

"Civil Litigation" is a term of art that essentially means trial work. At the Dessaules Law Group, we pride ourselves on being not just litigators but also trial lawyers. It includes preparing and filing complaints, answers, and other pleadings, motion practice, conducting discovery, trial preparation, and going to trial. When necessary, we also handle appeals on behalf of existing or new clients.

Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who regularly go to court on behalf of our clients. While it is always our hope and expectation that cases can settle out of court or well before trial, it is our experience that too many lawyers bank on cases settling and do not do the necessary work to make sure that a case is prepared for trial. Trials take a lot of work. They are not like you see in television, where a lawyer takes a new case and ends up walking out of court with a victory forty-two minutes later. Cases can take months, and even years, to  reach a settlement or verdict. 

Navigating the legal system is a difficult task. Even for the best and brightest, there are confusing issues and the other side will have a lawyer who knows the rules and knows how to use those rules against you. You will be faced with decisions at every juncture. Some of those decisions could harm your case or even result in the case getting dismissed.

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