Arizona's Open Meeting Laws

It is really quite a simple and easy concept to understand: The board of directors generally must operate in open meetings. They cannot act in secret or transact business in closed meetings (except in very narrow circumstances). The statute states:

[All meetings] are open to all members of the association or any person designated by a member in writing as the member's representative and all members or designated representatives so desiring shall be permitted to attend and speak at an appropriate time during the deliberations and proceedings. The board may place reasonable time restrictions on those persons speaking during the meeting but shall permit a member or member's designated representative to speak once after the board has discussed a specific agenda item but before the board takes formal action on that item in addition to any other opportunities to speak.

You read that correctly. Not only does not board have to deliberate and vote in open meeting about any action it wishes to take, but you have the absolute right to speak before the board votes. Now, the board may impose reasonable time restrictions on you, but they cannot prevent you from speaking or only give members a chance to speak at the end of a meeting. Again, every member or member's designated representative has the right to speak before the board takes formal action. This includes voting on any action.

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