HOA Law and Your Homeowner Rights

Homeowner associations. Condominium associations. Planned communities. If you live in an HOA, and chances are good in Arizona that you do, it is absolutely essential to know and understand your rights. These institutions of private government often can (or at least try to) control countless aspects of your daily life, such as telling you where you can park your car, what kind of landscaping you can have, what kinds of trees, bushes, and flowers that you can plant and where, what color you can paint your house (or your door, or your gate), how bright your outside lights can be, and how and when you can decorate your house. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware of their responsibilities. We find that even fewer are aware of their rights.

We represent homeowners who find themselves in disputes with HOAs. Your HOA has a team of lawyers at their disposal. You should, too. 

The Dessaules Law Group is one of the few Arizona law firms that represent the homeowners against their HOA. If you have been sued by your HOA, threatened with a lawsuit, or just feel that you are being treated unfairly you need to protect your rights and your greatest asset. 

Want to learn more about your rights as an HOA/COA member? Read our Homeowner Association Basics and get educated!

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