Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can arise in various scenarios for businesses. Disputes with employees, vendors, competitors, suppliers, and joint venturers are but a few of the common contract disputes our lawyers handle every day. Clients who find themselves in disputes over non-compete and non-solicitation agreements require aggressive, knowledgeable counselors to avoid litigation or, if the case is already in court or needs to be there, to adeptly handle the case from its inception.

A contract is a binding and enforceable commitment between two or more people that imposes rights and obligations on each of the parties. In our experience, a contract is rarely black-and-white. Contracts can be poorly-written, vague, illusory, illegal, or in some cases unenforceable. Questions commonly arise over the proper interpretation of a contract, whether the terms of the contract have been breached, and a non-breaching party's remedies in the event of such a breach.

Our lawyers are experienced litigators who will assist you in resolving your contract dispute in any courtroom or forum. We can also assist you in drafting a contract in order to avoid the common pitfalls that usually end up being decided by a judge or jury. Our lawyers can help you enforce contracts or defend against claims that you have breached a contract.