Buyer Seller Disputes

The real estate market in Arizona has seen dramatic changes over the last five years. It has gone from unprecedented growth to recession in just a couple of years. The rapid shift in the real estate market has presented some unique challenges to prospective buyers and sellers.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in all kinds of real estate disputes, such as:

  • A seller’s misrepresentation or omission of defects and/or other material facts relating to the condition of the property.
  • Boundary disputes, adverse possession claims and quiet title actions.
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement disputes.
  • Earnest money disputes.
  • Broker commission disputes.
  • Resolving complicated title issues.
  • Post-closing disputes.

Usually a residence is the most expensive and valuable asset that an individual will buy during his or her lifetime. While the above issues sometimes can be costly to resolve, they often will be more costly to do nothing or to wait too long.